Structural Restoration/Rehabilitations

ANGELA APARTMENTS (Malate, Manila) A 70 year old 7-Storey concrete building.
Prepared the restoration scheme to conform to the NSCP 2001.
ST. MARY MAGDALENE PARISH CHURCH (Pililla, Rizal) Structural stability check of the 400 year old.
ST. JAMES THE GREAT PARISH (Bolinao, Pangasinan) Structural stability check and restoration of the 450 year old church.
OUR LADY OF THE ABANDONED CHURCH (Marikina City) Structural stability check and restoration of the 400 year old church.
St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori Parish Church (Magallanes) Structural design of the new church superimposed on the old church gutted by fire.
Yutivo Building (Binondo, Manila) Rehabilitation of the 1917 five-storey office building damaged by the 16 July 1990 North Luzon Earthquake.
Don Bosco Technical Institute (Tarlac)
Rehabilitation of the three-storey school building damaged by a 1990 magnitude 7.7 earthquake.
Analysis as to the cause of failure and the recommended repair scheme and implementation of the rehabilitation.
Don Bosco Seminary (Canlubang, Laguna)
To arrest the vibration of the second floor area.
Vibration analysis and rectification.
Don Bosco-St.Louis School (Dumaquete, Negros)
To check the differential settlement.
Settlement analysis and rectification.